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Antigua & Barbuda

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Léna Michiels

Your Wellness Massage Therapist

10 years experience in luxury high-end hotels

Fully trained, qualified and experienced

Certified as a Beauty and Wellness Massage Therapist from renowned schools in France and in Thaïland, Léna has evolved within the Spa industry in some of the world’s most high-end hotels overseas for 10 years and it is with passion that she wishes to share with you her experience and know-how in the art of massage .

She has now relocated to Antigua and Barbuda, where she brings her extensive knowledge and expertise to the comfort of your home to use the most appropriate and effective techniques customised to your individual needs resulting in a truly unique relaxating and calming experience both physically and mentally.


  • Certified as a Beauty/Spa Therapist at Françoise Morice Private School, Aix-en-Provence
  • Certified as a Wellness Massage Therapist at Thalatherm School, Gréoux-les-Bains, France
  • Certified at WatPo CHETAWAN Thaï Massage School, Bangkok, Thaïland
    for the « Oil Massage and Aromatherapy », the « Foot Thaï Massage Reflexology» and the « Professionnal Thaï Massage for Health »
  • Certified at LOI KROH Thaï Massage School, Chiang Mai, Thaïland for the
    « Advanced Traditional Thaï Massage » and the « Abdominal Detox Massage »
  • KOBIDO Master’s training with the 26th generation Master of Kobido, Dr.Shogo Mochizuki

Professional Experience

  • Hôtel Château de la Gaude*****, Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc Palace, Antibes, France
  • Hôtel l’Apogée Palace, Courchevel, France
  • Hôtel Cheval Blanc Palace, Saint-Barth
  • Hôtel Castel Clara Spa ****, Belle-Ile-en-Mer, France
  • Hôtel Hacienda Na Xamena *****, Ibiza, Spain

Discover our Rituals

Léna provides all the equipments and products needed to ensure you’ll have the perfect experience :

Massage table or Futon, Towels, Handmade oil Blends, Music, Eye Pillow.

Wellness Massages

Kobido Face Massage

Thaï Massages